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California Dreamin' Soap Bar, Body Bar

California Dreamin' Soap Bar, Body Bar

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“I’ve been for a walk, on a winter’s day.” California Dreamin’ is an improved version of my original Dream soap! Warm earthy floral created by patchouli and Ylang ylang but sweetly spiced with a hint of cassia essential oil (sweet cinnamon scent) this soap is sure to send you dreaming. French Rose Clay gives a silky lather while goat milk nourishes your skin.

Most clays have the ability to absorb impurities from the skin, such as dirt, makeup and oil and most also can exfoliate, to help your skin have a youthful look. Where clays differ is in how much they absorb from the skin. Rose clay is wonderful for most all skin types because it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

French Rose Clay Highlights:
- cleans the pores without stripping off skin’s own protective barrier
- perfect for sensitive skin, as it has a gentle cleansing action that isn't too harsh
- improves skin tone
- contains Silica mineral which improves skin elasticity and cell regeneration

Wild Mallow is added through cold distilled water infusion. Goat milk is thought to help to condition skin.

California Dreamin’ Soap Bar Ingredients: organic olive, organic coconut, avocado, and castor oils, cocoa butter, shorea butter, rice bran oil, goat milk, distilled water, French rose kaolin clay, white kaolin clay, sodium hydroxide, wild Mallow, patchouli, Ylang ylang and cassia essential oil blend, natural Vitamin E.

All of my soap is palm oil free and handcrafted in small batches using my farm-grown organic herbs and flowers and/or foraged wild herbs and flowers. I use organic oils and butters whenever possible. Any coloring is from natural plant powders and pigments - NO synthetic or lab colors or mica. Soaps are scented with organic essential oils - never fragrance oils. Unscented options may be available.

All soap bars are hand cut and slight variations between each bar and soap batch are common.

net weight of this bar is 5 oz or greater.


I may sometimes list properties of certain ingredients used in the products I make. Regulations set forth by the FDA prohibit bath and body companies from making health related claims about beauty products. I am not a medical or health care professional and do not claim that my products will have any affect on your overall health.


Soap Base: organic olive, organic coconut, avocado, and castor oils, cocoa butter, shorea butter, lye, distilled water, kaolin clay, wild mallow, sea salt, essential oil blend, natural vitamin E.

Some soaps include goat milk and that will be indicated in the description. We have several Vegan options.

Caring for soap bars

Like any bar of soap, all natural handmade bars prefer to dry out in between uses. Please use a draining soap dish to help prolong the life of your bars and keep them out of the water stream in the shower.


Items are shipped with care and as quickly as possible using USPS. Shipped within 1-2 working days.

Return policy

Sorry, no returns. Please contact us with any issues and we will work them out!

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